Letting Go

I was having a conversation with a friend when it occurred to me that I’m entering what shall now be known as the “letting go” season of my life.  I’ve always liked that word – season – as it pertains to segments of our lives.  It offers a sense of security that, like the changing seasons around us, every ending is ushered in by another beginning.  Renewal.  A sense of “this too shall pass”.  Of course, some seasons are harder than others to see pass, but if we look honestly,  a new season comes with new opportunities, new challenges, and new adventures.

Letting go.  Like being a daughter, but no longer having parents to lean on.  Or being a mother, but understanding that I have to step back and let my children get buffeted by the wind, so they’ll grow strong and resilient.  And wise.  Or accepting that the changing seasons have left their marks on my face.

This letting go has reached deep into my writing.  I’m letting go of the way I thought my writing had to be, in favor of embracing what my writing is.  Letting go of fear and rules and misguided notions, and opening that metaphorical vein to let creativity flow, whichever form it may take.  

We all need to step back from time to time and evaluate if letting go with arms open wide is the answer we’re looking for, so we might embrace the new.